What is the Earth Day Strike?


Earth Day Strike 2022 is a day of community-based education and direct action for People, Planet and Peace over profit. The Strike kicks off 10 days of actions – from Earth Day to May Day – to halt the engines of economic, environmental & military destruction. This includes school and work stoppages, rallies, boycotts, pickets, sit-ins, teach-ins, and other peaceful direct action to heal a sick planet and violent world.


Actions can be added to the website at www.earthdaystrike2022.org. Events posted can reflect any of the issues across the spectrum of social, economic, environmental, racial, indigenous, labor and gender justice, militarism, colonialism, human rights, civil liberties and democracy.


Accelerating climate collapse, crushing inequality, endless war and looming nuclear threats create new urgency for collaboration and unified action. The Strike promotes solidarity across fronts of struggle to harness the transformative power we already possess as a thousand separate movements. Join in and spread the word!


What does endorsement of the Earth Day Strike 2022 mean?


We encourage endorsing organizations/individuals to:

1. Include the Earth Day Strike logo and link (www.earthdaystrike2022.org) in publicity for your event.

2.  Encourage other activists in your community to build cross-movement solidarity by adding their actions at www.earthdaystrike2022.org and endorsing the strike.

3. Participate in http://www.earthdaystrike2022.orgother events outside your key issue during the 10 days of action, from Earth Day and May Day.

4. Bring your energy and enthusiasm to building system solutions as outlined in the 10-point draft platform for People, Planet and Peace. (www.earthdaystrike2022.org)