EF 22 What in the World


April 23, 2022    
11:30 am - 9:00 pm


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What in the World, is comprised of framed original watercolors and framed prints of watercolors by Jake Marshall. Subject matter includes birch trees, flowers, leaves, pears, shorelines, and butterflies. One work, titled “What in the World,” features a child’s paint tin with the shapes of countries and continents hidden in the circles of paint. Another work, “Birches,” emphasizes the endless abstract patterns of tree bark.

Everyone is responsible for contributing to our planet’s health, no matter how small our efforts may seem. My efforts include a vegetarian diet, recycling glass, paper and metal cans, wearing cotton and wool clothing, and feeding birds.   ── Jake Marshall

Jake Marshall retired in 2014 after a career in graphic design, advertising, and illustration that included serving as Art Director for the Hallmark-owned Halls stores in KC. He works in watercolor and is a member of the Kansas Watercolor Society. His subject matter include flowers, clouds, old barns, birch forests and pine trees, dogs, and birds. He also has a quirky sense of humor, evidenced by his watercolors of dirty baseballs and illustrations of birds in photo booths. His paintings of misty landscapes, swirling leaves, snow scenes, storm clouds, and water lilies have been displayed in national exhibitions and local galleries.

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