As we come together across movements & borders,

we are calling for solutions as big as the crises barreling down on us:

Climate Collapse,
Endless War,
Crushing Economic & Racial Inequality
Recurrent Pandemic,
Rising Authoritarianism,
Assault on Freedom of Press, Privacy and Protest

Together we can Build the change we need:

Emergency WWII-scale Green New Deal with the right to agood union job in a just economy

Just transition to 100% clean renewables by 2030, no fossil or nuclear energy, regenerative agriculture 

Economic bill of rights: Living wages, Medicare for All, free public higher education, affordable housing & public transit, food security, union rights, right to housing, abolish student and medical debt

Global Green New Deal: developed nations aid developing nations with green technology & solutions

Support civil liberties & human rights: path to citizenshipreparations, & Indigenous rights. LGBTQIA+ rights. Stop violence against women. Free Assange, Peltier, Abu-Jamal & all political prisoners

Community control of police, end mass incarceration, deportations, & surveillance

End militarism, imperialism, colonialism & economic warfare. Support global health justice & human rightsEndthe ongoing human rights disasters in Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ukraine, & beyond

Global ceasefire. Redirect trillionsfrom warprofiteering to urgent action on climate change 

Join global nuclear weapons ban. End deadly economic sanctions & drone warfare

Economic justice: tax the rich, public banks, community/worker co-ops, small business & fair trade

Build real democracy: End Citizens United, corporate personhood, voter suppression & barriers to ballot access. Support publicly funded elections, proportional ranked choice voting & inclusive debates

And much more: Join together in an unstoppable movement for people, planet & peace over profit!